watchmen5Welcome to a website that’s dedicated entirely to the fans of Watchmen. We understand that this is a comic book franchise that is more beloved than any other in history, we know that this is the Citizen Kane of comic books and should be treated with the highest respects. Since it was released back in 1986 it has defined future comic books and since the film adaptation was released back in 2009, it has helped define comic book movies. There is no other entertainment property relating to comics that has been able to obtain the same level of popularity and for good reason, it’s one of the best reads available on our planet.

Detailed on our website is information relating to all things Watchmen.We talk about the possibilities of a sequel film being released to the public in the comic years of possibly a prequel film. There’s information regarding the Watchmen video game “The End is Nigh” and there’s also information regarding current events regarding this beloved superhero group.

Find out every piece of lore and information regarding the Watchmen Universe. We detail the times before the Watchmen when it was only the Minutemen who acted as a crime fighting ensemble. We also detail new lore that is being created in 2016, that new lore defining an entirely new generation for the Watchmen and all the characters within the group.

What made this comic so amazing and the film so pivotal is that is touched base on issues that were meaningful to the heart. It touched base on the corruption that is in the world, within our governments and within ourselves. It showed the best of humanity and it showed its worse. It showed the conflict that resides within every one of us, to be good or to be bad, to give into what we love and be better so that others can experience life. These subjects allowed for the comic to rise to popularity that the creators could never have expected. That’s why we’ve detailed every aspect of this comic book property to honor the astonishing feats that it was able to climb over.

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