Before WatchmenThe Minute Men, they were the crime fighting escapade before that of the Watchmen. They held their own against men and women alike who sought out to do harm towards the world. This particular group made a claim to being the first group of vigilantes in the world, defending the good from the bad.

Unfortunately, this comic book is said not to be as well done as others in the Before Watchmen series. None the less this six-issue series was met with critical acclaim as it delved down deeper into the stories of the Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach and Silk Spectre. Most fans praise this series for giving an accurate portrayal on how the world would’ve been back in the 40’s & 50’s, how it would have reacted to a group such as this one.

The Beginning of the Series

The series begins with Hollis Mason, the original man who dawned the Nite Owl attire, recounting his adventures while being a part of the Minutemen back in the 1940’s. This is all being recounted while in the midst of his retirement from just not crime fighting but also from owning his own garage.

Before Watchmen Minute Men

During the 1960’s, while he is in his nursing home he makes an autobiography named “Under the Hood” which recounts all his exploits and this, in turn, explores a new story in the Watchmen universe, one that had never been told before. This series gave insight on to how politicians and criminals took to individuals who didn’t fear the law and pursued it with their own hands.

The world at this point in time enjoyed the idea of having a group of individuals, so active in their efforts defending each of the evil actions they committed. It allowed for them to feel more just in those very actions. Unfortunately, as the Watchmen grew to power and the Minutemen died out, people began to change their views of these people. This was mainly due to the fact that Dr. Manhattan, both a Minutemen & Watchmen was working with physics that no other being on earth knew. He was altering the very world he sought to protect and that’s when the people began to take a rise.

It’s incredibly refreshing to see the positive viewpoint of superheroes in this world as in how the Watchmen fought evil. The two comics differ from one another in a manner that no other comic book franchise has been able to accomplish. That alone makes it a good choice for reading and watching as it is nice to have something different than the usual.