watchmenWatchmen, it is by far the biggest cult comic-book franchise in the world. It dominates over Batman, Superman, the Avengers or any other mainstream characters you might think of. The reasoning for this is because above all other comic books, it’s this series that most resembles our world in terms of how humans are limited and the politics behind modern day society. Still to this day, with the original comic book being released back in 1986, it is still the most read comic book in history. The love behind this series has resulted in a film adaptation & video game prequel that both were released back in 2009.

Watchmen 2

It wasn’t until February 2012 that news of more stories in the Watchmen universe was going to take place. Those new stories included seven comic books on several different characters. Each character got a number of various issues in a small comic book series. Four points were given to Rorschach, six issues for the Minute Men, six issues for the Comedian, Dr. Manhattan received four issues, Nite Owl released four issues, Ozymandias had six problems and Silk Spectre had four. This was the first time new stories in this universe had been crafted in a comic book for since the nineties.

Watchmen 2 Book Release

With the release of these books came the question, when is the second movie in what could be a possible movie series going to be issued to silver screens? That answer was given by DC Comics themselves with them confirming that a second movie is now a project at Warner Brothers. They confirmed the second film through USA Today & The Source. Alana Moore & Dave Gibson, the creators behind this comic book won’t be involved in any way. This had led fans to speculate of what could come in future years.

Unfortunately, it seems that Watchmen 2 could not be coming for another few years as DC Comics & Warner Brothers focus on crafting a major universe for DC Comics. There is the potential for those characters to cross over into the DC Universe thanks to it recently being revealed that the creator of that universe is Dr. Manhattan himself. We could possibly be seeing the iteration of the two most beloved comic book universes coming together as one to form something more magical then fans of the genre could ever expect. The second film is slated to be a prequel, which means we could be seeing the film adaptation of the Minute Men.