Watchmen  4KThe Watchmen, it was famous long before it was ever becoming an idea to adapt the comic book into a film. The original comic book, the thing that started it all quickly became a cult phenomenon amongst individuals all around the world. Watchmen focused on the North American market and saw children everywhere were pretending to be Nite Owl or the Comedian during recess. Many hoped that one day there would be a film adaptation of the comic book but for twenty-three years that dream wouldn’t become a reality. Finally, Zack Snyder, the man behind the new “Batman Vs Superman” movie announced that he would be giving this complex storyline a try. He understood it would require far too many special effects and refining a confusing plot without altering the material.

Warner Brothers Comes out on Top

It seemed that with every step of the way this film was destined for failure, even Fox & Warner Brothers got into a lawsuit over who owned the legal rights to the film. Luckily, Warner Brothers came out on top and was able to create this film. When the film was released back in May 2009, it was met with praise from film critics and filmgoers alike. Anyone who saw the film said there wasn’t a moment when they weren’t immersed into a storyline that seemed sophisticated and dignified. People became immersed into who Dr. Manhattan or who Rorschach was as a human being. As a film, it was able to leave moviegoers with the feeling of wanting more entries into what could have been an outstanding film series. Fans for years have hoped for a prequel Minutemen film.

Watchmen Available in 4K

Even though that prequel film was never made, the Watchmen has become available on Blu-Ray in 4K Resolution. This newer quality of resolution allows for the film to have more depth. It shows blacks as more relevant, the colors pop out onto the screen and its sound quality is taken to a higher level. During scenes like the battle in the Comedians apartment, you can’t help but feel that 4K was the resolution this fight scene was meant to be seen in. The transfer does wonders in terms of making the film feel more immersive and dignified. Even though Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound is supported, Dolby Atmos isn’t, which means a movie theater sound experience won’t be available. Instead, only the best surround sound experience will be available, what a struggle having to differ from the two.

Unfortunately, there are no exclusive features with this Blu-Ray iteration of this film. On one disk though there is the theatrical cut, ultimate cut and directors cut. There is also every behind the scenes footage possible for this film available to be seen as well.