watchmen3The Watchmen comic book series is one that has been critically acclaimed pieces of literature for the last four decades. Since it’s dawn there has been twelve comic books in the main series. Afterward, there wasn’t any new comics in the franchise released for twenty-six years until 2012 when DC Comics announced that there would be several mini-series comics relating to the Watchmen Universe.


This allowed for Silk Spectre, the Comedian, Ozymandias, Dr. Manhattan, Dollar Bill, Minute Men, Nite Owl, Rorschach, and Moloch all to get their own stories in comic book fashion. Before that, the only addition into the universe was the video game prequel which focused only on Nite Owl II & Rorschach.

Totaling out at thirty-seven issues, fans of this beloved comic rejoiced throughout the globe as famous characters would be getting their own set of comics. The possibility of a twelve issue Minute Men comic book series was plausible back in the early nineties but after DC wanted to alter the storyline, both Alan Moore & David Gibson backed out from doing the project. This lead to nearly three decades of no information relating to the small universe.

Sequels and New Information

Since 2012, no new information regarding the Watchmen has been released. There haven’t been any sequels to the original comic either, all of the new entries have focused on the past. This has lead to fans wondering what happened to their beloved heroes and anti-heroes for the last four decades. Unfortunately, it seems that in the raw infancy of the comic, there will never be a sequel to alter the core following it has. Mr. Moore & Gibson also have reached old age, an age where creating a comic book can prove to be a difficult task and without the original crafters behind the project, the sequel could never hope to do justice.

This hasn’t lead to fans giving up hope though as there have been persistent efforts to get a sequel made with multiple applications holding thousands to millions of signatures being presented to DC Comics. It’s shocking that in a world that revolves around the money & not the content itself that DC wouldn’t hop on the opportunity to move the franchise forward. Warner Brothers has tried to make a sequel to the film but from all accounts, it seems that since 2012, when it was confirmed by the studio, it has been diminished into a dead project.