Watchmen6Watchmen: The End of Nigh is a two-part video game series that takes place one decade before the events of the film. The game portrays Nite Owl II & Rorschach as the main characters as they travel throughout a gritty New York City in order to uncover a mystery that revolves around an individual that they never could’ve imagined. This game shows the trials & tests the two went through that inevitably lead to the two breaking up their partnership. This video game was released for the Personal Computer on Steam, PSN & the XBLA. It has sold millions of copies during the last several years.

Watchmen on the PC

The personal computer, it a device that revolutionized our world in a manner that nobody could ever expect. Today, the personal computer can process information 10,000x stronger than what it could back in the eighties when it was first revealed to this world. This allowed for Watchmen: The End is Nigh to be one of the best-looking video games on the market when it was released back in 2009. It was a given that Warner Brothers did everything in their power to craft a game that looked as real as its movie counterpart, the resulting factor was that it did. The gritty detail to attention in high fidelity textures has allowed for this game to hold up several years later. This is only plausible on the PC though, on the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 the game falters, it looks diminishing to other titles released during the last five years. This is why the PC is the best option for fans of the Watchmen universe, it will give the most realistic adaptation.

Deadline Games

Unfortunately, Deadline Games, the creators behind the End is Nigh received only a small portion of the amount profited through this game. Warner Brothers earned the majority of the income earned which resulted in Deadline Games having to file for bankruptcy court, they weren’t approved. It was only a few months after the release of the second episode that this video game studio had to close down after years of being in the industry. Warner Brothers took advantage of an amazing developer who was dying out, providing the killing blow. Never once has the film production company claimed responsibility for destroying this video game studio.

None the less, even with the drama that revolved around the game. Watchmen for the PC is one of the better games that was released for comic book fans in the last generation of consoles. It was by far the best adaptation of a comic book world.