xboxWatchmen, a critically acclaimed comic book series that was later on adapted into a film and made its way to the video game industry back in 2009. The game came to a shock to many as it was announced unexpectedly but even in its infamous state it still reached immense popularity amongst video game player & comic book enthusiasts alike. The game was released on three different platforms, one of them being the Xbox 360. Those who own an Xbox One may also play this game thanks to Microsoft’s cross compatibility.

Xbox Releases Two Episodes

The game was released in two different episodes. The first episode was released on March 4th, 2009 in order to coincide with the release of the film. It wasn’t until July 30th, 2009 that the second episode was released to the public. Finally, on July 21st, 2009 for North America and July 24th, 2009 for the European Union it was released in disc format to the general public. The game sold millions of copies around the globe due to the immense popularity of the comic.

Watchmen on the Xbox 360

Many reviewers behind this film noted that for true gamers, this video game didn’t have much to offer in terms of gameplay. That was true for more intensive gamers looking for an MMORPG-styled game. Watchmen had visually immersive levels, fluent combat and an excellent story line that added to the lore of this universe. Those reviewers who bashed these two video games were purposely trying to point out the little flaws of the game in hopes their audience wouldn’t play the game.

Actual gamers who have posted reviews online have given this game acclaim for its dark, gritty nature that didn’t hold back on showing the real aspects of our world. Murder, adultery, prostitution, drugs, crime lords, corrupted government officials and so much more was pointed out in this game. That’s why still do this day, the game is considered to be just as worthy of the Watchmen name as the film adaptation.

Unfortunately, no other additions to the Watchmen franchise have been made since the last entry into this video game. Many fans have wished for a second comic book series that could then in the future be adapted into a second film. It seems that in its infancy, DC Comics doesn’t want to alter or ruin the good name of the Watchmen. This doesn’t mean that they couldn’t focus a story line on the Minute Men, the group of crime fighters before our beloved heroes.