watchmen3Watchmen Rebirth, this is something that will be heard a lot in the coming years as the new major “DC Universe” has been kicked off by Dr. Manhattan, the leader behind the Minutemen as well as Watchmen. Ever since 2011, the DC Universe has been called the “New 52” which consisted of fifty-two of the most popular characters they ever made having their own comic series. That version of the universe was destroyed, with only Wally West remaining. Luckily the DC Universe was recreated by Dr. Manhattan, allowing for Batman and other iconic characters to once again start a new. Only Batman being aware that another existence existed before this one.

Watchmen Rebirth Shocker

This came as a major shock to anyone who was waiting for the new universe to launch. It wasn’t until Batman was searching the bat cave and found the iconic smiley face button from Watchmen that this was confirmed. This was also the first time that DC Comic’s two comic universes came together to form as one, resulting in mass fandom all across the world.

Watchmen Rebirth

DC Comics has revealed that they are going to take their time while working on the ‘Watchmen Rebirth” franchise, this means that comics relating to the Watchmen themselves are still hard at work in development. The DC Universe side of the rebirth has already been put into full swing. Luckily, it is now known that new additions to the watchmen universe will be arriving. Unfortunately, it isn’t known if those additions will be more prequels or finally the sequel that we’ve all been waiting. Due to the reveal of Dr. Manhattan being the father of this universe, we suspect it will be a sequel as there is nowhere in the prequel lineage where the doctor could’ve accomplished this task.

The Relaunch

There is more riding on this relaunch then ever before for DC Comics. Using the Watchmen as their gateway to a new DC Universe is something nobody would’ve ever thought possible. Even Geoff Johns, the DC Entertainment CEO said he was nervous about the launch of this comic book, that it had been the first time he had ever been nervous about a comic book launching. Mr. Johns believes that there will be a profitable and long future ahead of DC Comics with this relaunching.

Anyone wanting to try to learn more about this relaunch can read “DC Rebirth #1” on the iPhone, iPad, an Android Phone or Tablet. You can also still purchase the magazine copies through the DC website or vendors.