Before WatchmenEver since the Watchmen movie was released back in 2009, there have been hundreds of thousands of people waiting for a sequel to arrive on the big screen. Unfortunately, this dream has yet to become a reality for any of these individuals. Back in 2012, it seemed like there was a glimmer of hope when Warner Brothers confirmed that a second addition into the franchise would be released, four years later and nothing has happened with that confirmation. This once again has lead to fans of the film losing hope on the idea that this sequel could ever be a reality.

Warner Brothers to Release Another Edition

Those fans would be wrong to lose hope as in a world where comic book films are over-running the box office and television, there is no reason why DC Comics shouldn’t release a sequel to the film/comic book or create one of the prequel comics for live adaptation. This is exactly what has been surfacing around the web the last few months that the possibility of a “Before Watchmen” live adaptation could be coming to television or Netflix in the coming months or year.

Watchmen Sequel Possibilities

There are aspects to consider, though, the film cost $130 Million to make in total and at the box office, it only made $185.3 Million. That’s only a profit of $50.3 Million which in the eyes of a studio like Warner Brothers, it small pennies compared to other films they’ve made. This could mean that they are in no rush to go make another live adaptation film or television series relating to this universe, even with it now being a cult phenomenon.

Luckily, fans of the comic do have a new lead as to what happened with the comic book character on paper. It was recently revealed that Dr. Manhattan himself is the creator of the DC Universe. After the events of Watchmen, he felt the need to create his own universe in order to feel connected on an emotional level, that resulted in the DC Universe being birthed. Batman, Superman, the Flash, Joker, Bane and so many others are all the sons of Dr. Manhattan.

This has given fans of the Watchmen universe a new sense of blood for a potential sequel or prequel. Many fans of DC Comics will feel more of a connection to the characters which have been away for four years. Hopefully their return in more powerful than expected.