DCThe Watchmen are a band of humans who embody peace amongst the government, they do whatever is needed to just not protect the citizens from themselves but also protect them from their government officials. It’s only been a few weeks since it was revealed that these beloved characters would be making their way into the DC Universe. When it was first announced many fans were shocked by the announcement and curious as to how this could occur. Then the first iteration of what will be the brand new DC Universe was released to the public, showing that Dr. Manhattan is the creator of this universe and all the characters in it. This has sent a wave throughout mainstream comics that has put DC Comics back at the top.

Questions Remain

There are still many questions relating to what will happen to make all the Watchmen characters move from their universe to another, making them experience an entirely different life in a different time period. None of these questions have been answered though as DC Comics has kept everything revolving around the Watchmen under wraps but has been vocal towards any of their mainstream characters like Batman or Superman.


When the idea first arose in the offices of detective comics, many people were pressured by the thought of having to make possibly a comic book that had these famed characters within it. Finally, Joshua Williams was chosen, allowing for him to work his element which is turned made Geoff Johns, the creator of the Watchmen approve of his methods & storyline. Everything else regarding Rorschach, Silk Spectre, the Comedian, Nite Owl or any of the other characters famous in the comic. This has lead to fans being worried about their future as the prequel storylines were taken to mixed reviews.

Geoff Johns has ensured fans though that he is reading over every bit of the material and if he honestly doesn’t feel it suits the image that is the Watchmen, he won’t allow for it to be added into the DC Universe. This means we will be seeing a grittier, deadly version of the DC Universe play out with the likes of the Comedian & Dr. Manhattan at their reign. It could just be that we see those major players in the DC Universe band together in order to defeat the Watchmen universe. I’m sure this would be taken as a negative instead of a positive amongst fans. None the less there’s plenty to look forward to with the future comic books coming from detective comics.